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Cartoon by David Horsey/Los Angeles Times

Those of us in the LGBT community — or at least, most of us — already know that Ted Cruz is NOT the man for us when it comes to presidential candidates.
But if you were looking for any more proof — maybe you need ammo to convince a friend or family member from outside the community — just check out this political commentary by David Horsey with the Los Angeles Times that talks about the right-wing fringe dwellers that Cruz pals around with and that  endorsed his candidacy, starting with Mike Bickle, pastor at International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Mo.
Bickle’s that little ray of sunshine who predicts that in the “End Times” God’s gonna send out someone to hunt down and eliminate all the Jews that won’t convert to Christianity (Adolph Hitler much?), and has declared that Oprah Winfrey is part of a “harlot movement” that is facilitating the rise of the Anti-Christ (which, of course, is President Obama). He hates the gays, too, natch, and makes it clear that we are leading the march into hell.
Then there’s Bob Vander Plaats, head of Iowa’s Family Leader. Bob praises Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay laws and claims that the “Satanic plot” of same-sex marriage will lead to parents marrying their children. (Seriously Bob?! Maybe somebody should tip off Iowa’s child protective services to go check up on your kids.)
And let’s not forget Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, who said at a recent rally for Cruz that the forces of right-wing righteousness need to “rid the earth” of progressives who believe in “wicked, evil” things like equality for LGBT people.
There’s more. And Horsey lists ’em out for you, winding up with Ted’s own dear ol’ dad, Rafael Cruz. Check it out and commit it to memory. You may need the ammo when you start trying to explain why Ted Cruz is so dangerous.