Community leader Michael Champion (Sable Alexander) is hospitalized with COVID-19.

I know that there are hundreds of people in our LGBTQ community locally that have battled or are battling COVID-19. I know we have lost people in our community to this pandemic. And my heart goes out to all of them. I just found out that my dear, sweet, wonderful friend Michael Champion, aka Sable Alexander is one of those fighting for his life right now. He is in ICU and on a  ventilator.

Michael Champion, as himself and as Sable Alexander, along with his husband and fellow performer Bill Lindsey aka Linzie Serrell, has dedicated so much of his life to the LGBTQ community  and to the HIV/AIDS community. I first met the two of them about 30 years ago when they were the driving force behind Glitz-N-Glitter, a troupe of  entertainers from drag queens to live singers to even a fire eater who staged at least one show a month from which all the proceeds went to some charitable cause. Today, Michael and Bill are the owners of the Miss Gay Texas State and State At Large pageant system,  the only pageant system I know of that focuses on charitable giving.

Michael and Bill/Sable and Linzie are two of the best people I know.

Today, I am sending all my prayers/good vibes/good juju/best wishes/EVERYTHING to Michael. Fight hard, my friend. We need you. And to Bill, we love you and we are here for you. Be strong, and let us help you be strong.

—Tammye Nash