The Round-Up Saloon has issued a statement regarding it’s response to concerns over the coronavirus and COVID-19 and parties planned this weekend.

Cody Farmer, the bar’s event coordinator and manager, said Round-Up will “continue with Bear Happy Hour, but limit attendance in accordance with the County’s guidelines. All future events will be handled on a case by case basis as new information comes out.”

The bar’s management also noted:

“The safety and well-being of our staff and customers is our upmost priority. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak according to the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC, WHO and local health officials. We are taking action to protect our employees and customers:

“We’ve expanded our cleaning regimen, so that our overnight cleaning crew has the time and equipment to properly sanitize and disinfect the bar after close each night.

“We’ve expanded our business hours cleaning process as well, utilizing stronger disinfectants to sanitize workstations and bar tops throughout night, in addition to the cleaning we already do.

“We’re employing a stricter hand washing routine for the service staff, in addition to providing clean straws with every drink. Fruit will be added only upon request. We will no longer allow drink glasses to be refilled – all served drinks will be in a fresh glass.

“We’re offering our employees expanded sick pay, so that they may stay home, visit the doctor and fully recover before returning to work. All staff that feels sick or exhibits symptoms are required to stay home and self-quarantine. And we’re asking our customers to please stay home if they feel sick or exhibit symptoms or if they have come into contact with person(s) they know to be infected.

“We are closely monitoring the situation in accordance to guidelines from the CDC, and we are actively working solutions to comply with the city of Dallas’ and Dallas County’s emergency management strategy and containment procedures.

“Without our dedicated customers and staff, the Round-Up Saloon would not be the place it is today. We are fully committed to keeping our employees and customers in good health, so that when you come to the Round-Up, you can feel safe. Please stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that we can keep everyone as up to date with the rapidly changing situation.”