Cadillac XT6
Think of it as the Escalade of crossovers — three rows of glitz and glamour plus the latest gadgets. The exterior looks too much Volvo, though with squinty headlamps and befinned rump. Choose luxury or sport trim with lean wood and chrome or carbon and black. Crash avoidance systems, night vision, head-up display and 4G Wi-Fi impress. Sachet away with a 310 horsepower V6, AWD and auto-adjusting electronic suspension.
Base price: $52,695

Sexy crossovers to elevate one’s life and carpark

CASEY WILLIAMS | Auto Reviewer

The world is awash in crossovers, but they are not all up to the task of moving a couple of queens and their peeps or offspring to the club, a chorale or fall day out at the zoo. Toss in your cooler, stroller or bicycle — they all fit. From the latest Subaru icon to an Italian super wagon, any of these would elevate one’s carpark.

Subaru Outback
It’s redesigned with sleeker sheet metal and buff Onyx XT edition, with black body trim and gray leatherette seats. But all-wheel-drive remains for legit off-roading. Interiors receive tablet-style touchscreens, Wi-Fi, wireless device charging and standard EyeSight crash avoidance functions. A facial recognition system alerts drivers when they seem drowsy. Choose between 182 horsepower four-cylinder and 260 horsepower turbo-four engines, with up to 26/33-MPG city/hwy.
Base price: $26,645.

Buick Encore GX
Encore GX is the unpretentious luxury crossover. Styling echoes the full-size Enclave, with chrome wing grille badge, halo driving lamps and styled roof. Interiors flaunt plush leather, woodgrain, glassy touchscreen and head-up display. Expect 4G Wi-Fi, too. Automatic emergency braking, forward collision alert and lane keep assist come standard. Expect around 170 horsepower from a 2.0-liter engine, near 240 horsepower with a turbo.
Base price: $27,000

Chevy Trailblazer

Chevy Trailblazer
Chevrolet introduces a sub-compact crossover with brash style and a maneuverable footprint. Respect the menacing grille, squinty running lamps and standard two-tone floating roof. It’s especially fetching in sporty RS trim. Get all of the latest safety gear: standard front pedestrian braking, automatic emergency braking and lane keep assist. Adaptive cruise and a high definition rear camera are available. Engine choices mirror the Buick Encore GX.
Base price: $23,000.

Ford Escape
A more urban crossover, Escape leaves trails behind. Interiors boast a floating info screen, roomier rear seat and enough storage for four sets of golf clubs. Enjoy 4G Wi-Fi, active park assist, 575-watt B&O audio and Ford+Alexa compatibility. Adaptive cruise and lane-centering enhance safety. Take it with a 180 horsepower turbo-four, 250 horsepower turbo-four, 39-MPG hybrid or plug-in hybrid with 30-mile electric range.
Base price: $24,885

Toyota RAV4
After 23 years, this crossover evolves with enhanced capability and fuel economy. It looks brash with a large grille, chiseled fenders and high-flying ground clearance. Choose a four-cylinder with 26/35-MPG city/highway or hybrid with electric AWD and 41/37-MPG. Move inside to enjoy 800w JBL audio, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple CarPlay and Wi-Fi. All the latest crash avoidance systems are available.
Base price: $25,650

Maserati Levante

Maserati Levante
Let’s just start with the two Ferrari engines: a 345 horsepower V6 and 590 horsepower twin-turbo V8, the latter potent enough to propel this heavy crossover from 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds on the way to 189 mph. It looks ready to eat a Prius but coddles with exquisite leather seats, 1280w Bowers & Wilkins audio and metallic weave trim. Raise the suspension for off-roading or hit “Corsa” mode to lower the vehicle and let its inner Ferrari bellow.
Base price: $76,980

Kia Telluride
This club-ready Kia provides seating for up to eight and is lathered in Nappa leather, heated/ventilated first/second-row seats and 630w Harman Kardon audio. A voice amplifier conveys driver wishes to passengers, while the head-up display and lane following assist enhance safety —– as does the safe exit assist system that uses blind spot cameras to prevent friends from stepping into traffic. A 291 horsepower 3.8-liter V6 keeps it moving.
Base price: $31,690

Lincoln Aviator
Muscle and luxury combine in the Aviator. Beefy exterior style wraps cabins with Revel audio, 4G Wi-Fi and wireless charging. Black Label customers choose from Flight (turned aluminum trim), Chalet (espresso leather, Silverwood) and Destination (Khaya wood, red leather) themes. A 400 horsepower twin-turbo V6 or 450 horsepower plug-in hybrid prove adequate. Road-scanning adaptive suspension provides a sublime ride. Gain access via smartphone.
Base price: $51,100

Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar E-Pace
A cuter Jag crossover is more engaging for drivers with a short wheelbase, torque-vectoring AWD, 21-inch wheels and two four-cylinder engines that produce 246 horsepower or 296 horsepower. Personalize throttle, steering and transmission settings. Hunkered pouncing cat-style, with bulging fenders and wide grille, distinguish it from copies. The 4G Wi-Fi connects up to eight devices; a head-up display adds convenience. Slip in and kick this swift cat.
Base price: $38,900