With her big hits and a handful of new songs from her latest album, Shania Twain served up glamour and charm through a hefty, energetic set Friday night at Dos Equis Pavilion for her Queen of Me tour stop in Dallas. Throughout her two-plus hour show, she even threw in nods to her queer fans which only added to her gay icon status.

Not making it too much of a surprise as a spotlight shone in the middle of the audience, Twain opened the show amid her fans on the main walkway of Dos Equis with “Waking Up Dreaming.”  In a blond bob on a rolling platform, she gave some major face time to her audience. The opening served more as a preamble because the energy exploded when she and her band and backup singers hit the stage with “Up!”

Spacey colorful visuals played behind her as she rolled out high energy hits “Don’t Be Stupid” and “I’m Gonna Getcha Good.”

In the more upbeat songs, Twain delivered her tunes with a relaxed confidence. She pranced and posed throughout the stage in glittered sneakers and her flowy cape taking the audience on a ride of hits as far back as a quarter-century that still sounded fresh and fun.

For slower moments highlighting her blockbuster ballads “You’re Still the One,” “Forever and Always” and “From this Moment On,” she’d often include audience members. She had couples onstage of all types that included two same-sex couples and took pictures with each. To add to that, she read a fan letter from a mother her wrote that Twain was her daughter’s first crush which led to the mother and daugther being introduced onstage. A man proposed to his girlfriend during their time onstage.

The show looked stunning with its clever animated backgrounds and name-checking Texas and Dallas in her set. As much of a spectacle as it was, Twain also let her songs do the talking. The audience ate it up with roars, applause and dancing in the aisles much to the dismay of the perturbed staff trying to keep order. If there was a detriment, it was that — even with her variety of songs the energy of the show rarely ebbed and flowed. It was almost a static consistency so that when she finished with “Rock this Country,” it didn’t feel like we were at the end.

That didn’t hurt the show by any means. The encore was going to be obvious. With a quick change and thankfully a not-too-long wait, Twain and company roared back with “That Don’t Impress Me Much” and “I’m Outta Here.” She thanked the city and then it finally happen.

“Let’s go girls” was all the audience had been waiting to hear and in her video’s original black mini get up, “Man, I Feel LIke a Woman” was like a bomb dropping on Dos Equis and the packed house was living their best life.

–Rich Lopez