Dr. LaShaun Shaw (David Taffet/Dallas Voice)

Resource Center opened a new dental clinic in northeast Dallas. The clinic can accommodate more patients and provide more extensive care than its previous location at the Nelson Tebedo Clinic on Cedar Springs Road.

The new clinic is located on Forest Lane just north of LBJ Freeway. It can be reached from the Orange and Red line Forest Lane DART Station by bus that stops outside the office complex at 9535 Forest Ln., Suite 230.

The new office has 10 dental suites and is staffed by two full-time dentists and two full-time hygienists. Dr. LaShaun Shaw, one of the clinic’s dentists, said she hopes they’ll be able to do root canals and other specialty dental work in the additional dental suites by bringing in specialists from Texas A&M dental school at Baylor Hospital.

Shaw was excited that the additional room allows the clinic to take on more patients. She also said the new office includes a full recall system to keep patients on a regular rotation of visits.

Most of the dental suites have large windows that overlook a treed field with a pond that should have a calming effect on patients as they undergo any procedure.

Resource Center CEO Cece Cox said there was simply no room to expand at Nelson Tebedo and rents in Oak Lawn were prohibitive. But the zip code that includes the dental clinic’s new office has the second highest rate of HIV in Dallas.

Resource Center has been the only HIV/AIDS agency in Dallas providing dental care to people with HIV for more than 20 years.

— David Taffet