Ever since two teachers, who were sponsors of the gay/straight alliance at MacArthur High School, were removed from the campus prompting hundreds of students to walk out, reports of bullying have continued at the school.

Yesterday (Sept. 29), one student was in the gym with about 100 students with limited adult supervision, because of a shortage of teachers and subs. A small group of students approached her making anti-transgender comments. After two or three minutes, a supportive group of students intervened.

To find an adult ally, the student had to walk all the way across campus to find a teacher she knew was supportive. Along the way, the student would have ducked into a classroom marked Safe Space, but all of those stickers were removed earlier in the semester. The student felt in crisis and the long haul to the other side of the school added to the student’s anxiety.

None of the staff in the gym was aware of the incident, because they were busy at the door checking students in.

Fortunately, the student made it across the school without further incident.

The only response to bullying from Irving ISD is a statement dated Sept. 27 that defends the principal’s actions and states, “We remain committed to promoting a culture of acceptance, safety, understanding and achievement for all.”

Does IISD really believe that groups of students making anti-transgender taunts promotes a culture of acceptance, safety, understanding and achievement for all?

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David Taffet