Screen shot 2016-04-07 at 9.59.04 AMSo, MasterChef is holding auditions in Dallas on Saturday, and while I don’t plan to audition, it has motivated me to cook at home more when I can. This is a recipe for yellow and green squash (zucchini) that’s simple and more-or-less healthy.
I tried making it twice before, and it got better — I think because I disregarded some advice, which was “don’t worry about lining up the squash neatly — just do a layer.” Wrong. The OCD in me wanted consistency, so I fanned out the slices, which I tried to keep as thin as I could, but wasn’t a jerk about. Douse will EVOO, and grind some black pepper; salt to taste. I then added a sliced pepper (red, jalapeno — whatever; I mix and match) and if you want, a diced shallot (wonderful aroma!), spread shredded cheddar over the top. Then repeat a second time (this time with yellow squash).
Screen shot 2016-04-07 at 9.59.15 AMI use a convection oven, which is easier to monitor, but if you don’t have one, pre-heat your oven to 400. Cover the dish in foil, and bake covered for 30 mins. After 30, remove the foil, sprinkle some parmesan on top, and put back in at 400 for 10–15 mins. more, until burbling, and voila! It smells great and it best served hot!
I’ve been doing weekly cocktail recipes for a few years now, so I think I’ll add food. If you have any recipes you think I should include, email or tweet me, with photos. Bon appetite.