Look out Provincetown! Here comes Raquel Blake

If DFW seems a little a little quieter over the next couple of months or so, it’s probably because Raquel Blake is out of town.
Just kidding — well, not the part about Raquel being out of town. That part is true, and she is gone for a really good reason: She is performing in Provincetown!

The Dallas show girl will be in P-town through mid-September, appearing in The Anita Cocktail Variety Hour at the Post Office Café and Cabaret. In addition to Ms. Cocktail and Raquel, the show, presented by Tiny Puddle Productions, will feature Abby Cummings and Jona Willliams and a variety of “special guests from near and far.”

Shows start at 8:30 p.m. each Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and if you plan on being in the area — or if you decide to make a special trip to the East Coast to surprise Raquel (which could be a lot of fun, come to think of it), you can get your tickets online at PostOfficeCafe.net.

Keep up with Raquel and all her shows and special appearances on her Instagram and her Facebook page.

— Tammye Nash

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