So, some people seem to think that just being LGBT gives them some kind of pass on being a racist. It doesn’t.

Some people want to act all shocked and surprised when they see an LGBT person being a racist bigot. Don’t be.

Some people want to act like all LGBT folks are all goodness and light and open-minded and fighting for equality. Not true.

Don’t believe me? Just check out this story at Queerty about a gay man in Houston named Charles Geier who verbally attacked a Latina, who had her toddler daughter in the backseat, with vulgar, racist epitaphs, telling her Trump was getting ready to deport her “illegal cousins,” that this is HIS country, not hers, and that she should “learn English, bitch.”

The woman — Janet Espejel — has been a U.S. citizen and a Houston resident for about 10 years and was on her way to early vote.

Watch video of the incident, taken by Espejel and posted on Twitter by Santiago Mayer here.