QueerBomb Dallas organizers have announced that this year, instead of organizing a separate event, QueerBomb is participating in the Pride is a Protest march organized Transgender Pride of Dallas for Sunday, June 2, before the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade.

Pride is a Protest begins at noon at Dallas City Hall, then participants will march from City Hall to Fair Park in time for the parade.

QueerBomb organizers announced their decision via a post on Facebook:

“As the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots draws closer, as a community we reflect on the amazing progress we have made and the manifold ways in which we have changed the world. Since the first Molotov cocktail was thrown in June 1969, we have pushed and changed and created and loved … wildly and openly. There is so much to be proud of.
“We remember the trans women of color, sex workers,  homeless queer kids and countless more flaming forbearers that refused to back down, refused to disappear and forced the world to see us as living, loving human beings.
“But in 2019, 50 years onward, we see continued discrimination, harassment and violence directed at our trans and gender- non-conforming communities, on our young people, on the most vulnerable among us. In Dallas alone, 2019 has seen trans lives under renewed assault and danger.
“It is with this in mind that the QueerBomb Dallas organizing committee has made the decision to postpone our 2019 celebration and march to throw our full support and our full hearts behind Transgender Pride of Dallas and their Pride Is a Protest March on June 2 at Dallas City Hall. In the spirit of Stonewall and the names of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, in the name of #Justice4Muhlaysia, we call on the entire LGBTQ community and all allies to remember PRIDE by standing with the community who gave it to us. Show your love and support for the Dallas Trans family by making this march by their sides.”

QueerBomb Dallas 2019 is being rescheduled for October in observance of National LGBT History Month, and organizers will release details soon.