In this season of fires in the southern hemisphere, I am reminded of the one we have burning right here in our country. It has a name, and that name is Donald Trump. And he is systematically burning his way through every moral tenant our nation has held dear. He is, like a wildfire, out of control.

I am also reminded of ways wildfires can be effectively fought. Of course, the most obvious weapon against fire is water. Dousing a fire with enough water will have the desired results. While dousing Donald Trump with water is not an option, we could try to soak him with truth, logic, morality.

Still, my suspicion is that none of that will work. Trump has already shown that he has a very sketchy relationship with morals and truth, so most likely trying to use those against him would have little effect.

Another very effective way to fight fires is to remove what’s fueling it. Cutting fire breaks can often limit the damage a fire can cause. With regard to the Trumpster fire, voting him out of office would remove the fuel. Unfortunately that will take many months, and there is no guarantee we will get a fair election this time either.

The perfect way to stop a fire is to deprive it of oxygen. Fire is, simply put, a very rapid oxidation of a material; without oxygen that can’t occur.

When it comes to Trump, his oxygen is notoriety. He is a narcissist and as such thrives on being the center of attention. The presidency is the perfect place from his point of view in that every move a president makes, every word a president says is news and thus gets attention.

Add to this Trump’s instinctive tactics to garner attention, and you have an out of control narcissist in a very dangerous position of power.

So how do we starve this fire of oxygen?

We can begin by slowing down the amplification of every morally bereft statement or act the man makes. There is nothing to be gained by broadcasting his latest tweet or outrageous statement all over social media. All it does is feed his ego and fan the flames. It also infuriates his cult-like followers, who are never outraged by his behavior, instead finding it the perfectly “refreshing” antidote to the “political correctness” they rail against.

For anyone who is seriously opposed to Trump and his politics, the rebroadcasting of his outrageous behaviors only reinforces the already obvious fact that he is morally bankrupt and a danger to the entire world. Frankly, if you don’t already know that, no amount of information is going to change your mind. And splashing his latest tantrum across social media only gives him the oxygen he needs to keep going.

Though he might not see your posts or your friends’s posts, he does watch polls and trends, and as long as his name is running high in the ratings, good or bad, he is happy.

There is no new information regarding Donald Trump. He is a one trick pony; his tweets and chopper-talk press appearances are all designed to do one thing: focus cameras and microphones on Trump.

So why give him more of what he wants? It’s not like he is going to do anything surprising. He will continue to dismantle our freedoms, attack the bedrock morals of society and lie — lie a lot.

I could successfully make up tomorrow’s headlines simply by imagining how low he could go. I would have a high probability of predicting him correctly, and, frankly, so would everyone else.

It’s time to starve the Trumpster fire of its oxygen. Stop feeding the flames on social media and start doing something to make sure he is doused in November.

Get out and work for a candidate to defeat him. Start working to make the world a better place. Start living your life openly and freely and without the cloud of Trump’s smoke hanging over your head. You will find it a lot easier to breath.

Hardy Haberman is a longtime local LGBT activist and a board member of the Woodhull Freedom Alliance. His blog is at