Scottish Rite Dormitory in Austin

A private dorm near the University of Texas campus in Austin is accused of discriminating against a lesbian freshman student, according to CBS Austin.

Kaj Baker is the only resident of the private Scottish Rite Dormitory not allowed to have any guests. The dorm’s staff told her she and her girlfriend use the study lounge too much and other residents are uncomfortable with her girlfriend using the bathroom.

Hours male guests may visit is restricted — the dorm is run by Scottish Rite Freemasons — and female guests must register. Baker’s girlfriend hasn’t stayed overnight.

One line in the Scottish Rite Freemasonry webpage caught our eye: “The Scottish Rite seeks to cultivate in the hearts of men personal morality and the sentiment of tolerance and fraternity.”

Ah, how nice to be tolerated.

Meanwhile, Baker is facing backlash on social media from others in her dorm. What she wants is an apology from Scottish Rite Dormitory administrators and to feel welcome in the dorm she paid to reside in.


Friends have created a GoFundMe page for Baker so she can find safe housing.

— David Taffet