So, this is the latest outrage that took place at a Donald Trump rally on Tuesday, March 29.

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Janesville, Wisc., are looking for this man in connection with an incident at the March 20 Trump rally in which a young female protester was sprayed in the face with pepper spray.

The Janesville Police Department was reportedly looking for two men who took part in an altercation with a teenage girl during a shouting match between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters in Janesville. Video of the incident — you can watch it below — was posted today (Wednesday, March 30), by Fox News Insider.
The video shows a large, loud crowd, in the middle of which several young men and women are trying to restrain a young woman who is shouting at an older man with gray hair and a moustache. The young woman is accusing the older man of having touched her breast, while he is adamantly denying it, claiming the she was the one who touched him. At one point the girl reaches out to slap at someone outside the range of the camera lens, and that’s when she is sprayed in the face with pepper spray.
The person spraying the mace isn’t visible at that moment, but the camera then swings to the left to show a young man in a red shirt and a red cap bearing the words “Make America Great Again” printed in white, walking away and smirking. He stops a few steps later and looks back toward the girl, again smirking.
Immediately after the girl is maced, a man’s voice yells, “Yeah!” Others can be heard cheering and laughing. But one woman is heard to repeat several times, “That’s not good.”
As the girl’s friends lead her away and the camera lingers on the man in the red cap, you can also see an older woman speaking furiously to the gray-haired man — who is laughing — and urging him away from the scene.
Fox News said Janesville Police are looking for both the gray-haired man and the younger man in the red cap. But an advisory issued just before noon, CDT, included photos of only the younger man in the red cap, saying police are “seeking the public’s help in identifying” him in reference to “a possible assault that occurred at the Donald Trump Political Rally in Janesville on March 29.”