Ahead of their show tonight in Dallas, Pentatonix member Scott Hoying talked with Dallas Voice about the group’s curent tour and what new things are coming up for the band. Hoying also discussed being on the road as a newlywed with a husband and dog waiting back at home. Pentatonix performs tonight at Dos Equis Pavilion.

Dallas Voice: I know you and many other members of Pentatonix grew up in Arlington. How does it feel to be coming back to your home state to perform?

Scott Hoying: Oh, it is always so emotional. I find myself crying my eyes out at every home state show. It’s unbelievable playing at venues I saw others perform at growing up. Another great thing about hometown shows is that so many friends and family can attend. My old show choir teacher, family, best friends. It just means so much to be playing in the place I grew up.

What has been your favorite part of the current tour?

Everything has been amazing! We haven’t done an amphitheater tour in a few years. It’s been hectic with so much travel but has been so fun and magical. After 12 years of touring, we’ve changed the show a little bit. It follows the arch of our career and has been crafted to evoke the most emotions from the audience. In addition to the music, I also enjoy making friends with all the crew and being with musicians that I know.

Is touring very disruptive for you?

Honestly, tour feels like just another day most of the time. I traveled a lot as a kid with my dad, so it feels like I’ve always been on the road. Really, it feels like a summer camp. I sleep so well on the tour bus, and as long as there’s not much air travel it feels very regular and not as disruptive. The setting for me doesn’t matter as much, and I bring recording equipment with me everywhere, so I can work on the road. There’s just nothing like falling asleep in one state and waking up in another.

You also just recently had your wedding in July. How has married life been?

It’s literally the best thing ever! Mark [Manio] and I have been friends for so long, and he’s just the best person I’ve ever met. We just have so much fun together, working on projects. He comes along for parts of the tour, and anywhere he is feels like home.

Our wedding was the most beautiful thing, and we just bought a new house together. So we’ve been moving in and plan to build a new studio. October is our break from touring, so I’m looking forward to quality time with Mark as well as our dog Mozart. He is just the sweetest angel.

Does Mozart miss you while you’re touring?

Of course, but thankfully he really loves the doggy daycare he stays at while we’re gone. He’s very social, and loves getting to play and interact with the other dogs boarding there.

What can fans expect with the new album?

It is the ultimate Christmas album ever. We’ve included all the classics, as well as eight new songs. The new works are so creative and have a special new spark that is so exciting. The arrangement makes it the perfect holiday playlist. This upcoming tour might be my favorite one yet. We’re performing all the classics, all the new songs. There will be an acoustic set, as well as a couple moments with instruments. For this show we’ve taken all the best moments from other tours and combined them into something spectacular.

As for this show, what can the audience expect?

There are so many cool moments. The intro is so cool, and just runs through feelings of nostalgia. We sing so many classics, and everyone is just so hyped. We also have a moment where we film a TikTok on stage. We teach the audience parts of a song and have them sing it back to us. It creates a 10,000-person choir, and it’s so emotional having everyone sing along together. There are so many cool parts with the other members, there is just so much for audiences to look forward to!

For more information about the Pentatonix tour and its upcoming album, click here.

-Melissa Whitler