Ken Paxton

Impeached Attorney General Ken Paxton new attorney, Tony Buzbee, calls the 20 articles of impeachment “Baloney.”

He said “the allegations are untrue. They are false.”

He describe the impeachment proceeding as “a drive by shooting on a holiday weekend to politically assassinate” Paxton.

And while Buzbee insisted Paxton “will never, never be convicted by the Senate — not on this evidence, not with this record,” the attorney didn’t lay out what evidence he had that his client didn’t accept bribes and do political favors for his large donors. All he did was call the evidence “worthless and weak” and “speculation and innuendo.”

Buzbee suggested more than 60 witnesses need to be deposed and that the Senate trial would be a long one.

Buzbee previously defended Gov. Rick Perry of charges of abuse of office.

— David Taffet