Keep it healthy when working out your muscles and your mind

RICH LOPEZ | Staff Writer

For a while there, things were getting back to some kind of normal. Retail was opening back up, and people could eat in restaurants again. People also headed back to the gym when home workouts weren’t quite cutting it.
But we’re still in a pandemic. Vaccinations, masks and boosters are helping to keep COVID at bay, but in a gym, the risk factors can increase. And now there’s the omicron strain to deal with, and it has proven to be even more contagious.

What’s a gym bunny to do? One local coach offered his tips on keeping just a bit safer in the gym where crowds are likely returning to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions -– but also on how to keep your mind healthy as well.
WiL Turner, a local health and wellness lifestyle consultant and proprietor of Living Well with WiL, discussed both some general tips and specific ones for both at the gym and in life.

Basic common gym knowledge:

“Given the spread of COVID-19, it is critically important to wipe machines, benches, attachments, cables, seats, handles and surfaces before and after using them. This includes your hands.”

Where gym and germs intersect:

“The possibility of spreading germs and viruses is high under normal circumstances. Gym etiquette should be at the forefront of all our minds especially when in public spaces where multiple people are touching equipment, handles, doorknobs, stair rails and elevator buttons.

“By adhering to the standard general protocol of wiping machines and surfaces used, we all can minimize the spread of germs.”

Exercise the brain:

“COVID-19 has separated us from our loved ones, our friends and one another. We are all emotionally and socially under stress. The best exercises or activities for dealing with stress are taking a stroll with a loved one or friend, meditation, yoga and listening to meditative music.

“In worse case scenairos, seeking the help of a therapist or wellness coach is strongly encouraged. has great resources for those suffering from depression, anxiety or stress. In most cases, mental and emotional health support by professional coaches and therapists on the Able To team is covered by insurance.”

Keep the immune system pumped:

“The best remedy is self-care. Our brains and bodies need rest — especially during such stressful times. Naps are a great way to reset and decompress.”

Daily dose:

“Our immune systems are also under attack, not only with the pandemic but with the weather and the flu, colds and allergies this time of year. A good multivitamin such as Centrum is a simple step to include in your habits and provides all the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to boost the immune system and ward off illness. ZINC is another supplement to consider which is so good for the immune system.”

Craft this concoction with a kick:

“Try this for immunity, health and detoxification: Make a tea with apple cider vinegar, lemon, honey, pinches of cayenne pepper, ginger, turmeric and paprika mixed with water to taste.”

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WiL Turner