William Dockeray, 69, better known as “Doc” had no family and told everyone different stories about his past when they asked. Somehow, through the years, he remained consistent about which stories he told to which people. Only after he died did his friends realize each one knew a different past about him. However, after finding some paperwork in his apartment, we learned he was born in Chicago and lived in Phoenix before moving to Dallas. Chicago and Phoenix were about the only places he never mentioned to anyone. Only one thing was completely consistent in our knowledge of him: He was a character.

Doc was known around the community for shooting video of a variety of events. He recorded Lambda Weekly every week for about 10 years and posted the recordings to YouTube. He did the same for a number of organizations including Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance and Silver Pride Project.

Among the events he recorded and posted was Transgender Day of Remembrance. After standing out in the bitter cold recording the 2018 TDOR ceremony at Dallas City Hall Plaza, he said he was there because he thought it was important for more people to know about it.

Before marriage equality became law, DART spent a year debating whether to offer partner benefits to its LGBT employees. Doc recorded and posted DART board meetings, letting the board members dehumanize their LGBT employees in their own words. While his presence seemed to annoy everyone at DART, he always insisted he had a right to record public meetings and returned month after month.

Doc died of heart failure, kidney failure and a stroke, but had been sick for only a short time and was recording and posting until just two weeks before his death. He leaves behind his friends at KNON, MDHA and other organizations.

A graveside funeral service will be held for Doc at Restland, 13005 Greenville Ave. at 10 a.m. on Friday, June 14.

— David Taffet