Tanya Halle, known to her fans as dancing DJ BJ Laray, passed away Tuesday, Feb. 21, in Houston following a lengthy battle with metastatic breast cancer.

Although small of stature, “BJ” was known for her huge smile, her huge spirit and her huge talent on the dance floor. Her energetic style earned her nicknames such as “the dancing dynamo” and “Happy Feet.” She was a fan favorite in shows around the Metroplex, around the state and around the country as she traveled with a troupe of dancing women often led by the first-ever National Lady of the Year Connie McLain.

BJ won the National Lady of the Year title in 1992, alongside another DFW dancer, 1992 National Butch Lady of the Year Jazzi Bleu, who this week memorialized her friend on social media: “You could out dance any drag queen in that era but remained humble. You earned their respect, and everyone that met you loved your whole being, your positive vibes, always smiling even on dark days. The dancing DJ never missed a beat on the dance floor or while playing our music.”