The much-anticipated role playing game becomes real from Frisco based Nerdvana Games!

Bunkers & Badasses, a new tabletop game based on the critically-acclaimed and commercially-successful Borderlands franchise, will be available in early-2021.  Bunkers & Badasses explores the Borderlands world of Pandora through a blend of epic fantasy adventures and traditional Borderlands environments. The game re-imagines some of the Vault Hunter characters to be gender fluid so you can play in your preferred gender. It is available now for pre-order on

“Based on the game-within-a-game from Gearbox Entertainment’s Borderlands series, Bunkers & Badasses is a tabletop roleplaying game unlike anyone has played before,” commented Kristy Junio Pitchford, founder of Nerdvana Games. “We’re thrilled to bring this incredible LGBTQ friendly tabletop role-playing game to fans everywhere.”

Founded in 2018, Nerdvana Games is part of the Nerdvana Brand that started in 2016 with the opening of Nerdvana Coffee and restaurant, Nerdvana.frisco in Frisco, TX. Nerdvana Games’ mission is to bring all types of gamers together for extraordinary experiences. More information on this female-led, innovative company can be found on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

– Leo Cusimano