Mold in a newly cleaned apartment in 4123 Cedar Springs Road (courtesy of the resident)

After less than a week on the job, the new property manager at 4123 Cedar Springs walked off the job, leaving the building with no management staff. Residents at Park West, across the street, said their office is staffed.

“New management guy walked out this a.m.,” one resident wrote yesterday. “We have no one here, no management, office people, maintenance, no one.” They followed that up with, “We desperately need help!”

Another resident responded, saying, “Unacceptable, Despicable and Disgusting.”

They said when they moved in that the apartment was dirty and had mold (See photo above). Housekeeping was sent back three times to clean the apartment, but never actually cleaned it.

The list of complaints is long from this resident, but the long list adds to the complaints listed in the original story, not just confirms them.

“I’ve also seen homeless peeing in the pool area since my balcony overlooks the pool,” they wrote in an email. “Elevators are broken majority of the time. The pool gates are closed half the time when it is supposed to be open.”

Some issues are just odd. Like this one: “I wasn’t given a mail key until a month after move in and had to beg for it, I was literally asked, ‘do you really need a mail box key?’”

The city has been contacted. We will follow up.

— David Taffet