Dobermanns top the list of most spoiled dog breeds; Dallasites love their corgis

From Staff Reports

According to personalized pet gift shop, dobermanns top the list of the U.S.’s most spoiled dog breeds. Dobermann dogs are celebrated for their loyalty, intelligence and protectiveness, and’s data indicates they are also the most likely to be lavished with treats and gifts by their owners.

The dobermann also came out as the top dog in the states of Wisconsin, Louisiana and West Virginia.

The whippet came in second overall, followed by the Great Dane in third. Surprisingly, chihuahuas are not on the list. studied more than 300 popular breeds and more than 5,000 individual pet profiles to identify the most opulent pups from every area of the US.

The Japanese Shiba Inu, bred to hunt and work, are the most likely to be spoiled with treats, toys and accessories by their adoring Texan owners. Only a handful of Shiba puppies are born each year, so the wait list to get one is long.

To get more specific: In Dallas, the most spoiled breed is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, while in Fort Worth, Cairn terriers top the list. In Houston, boxers are most likely to be spoiled, and in San Antonio, it’s the Maltese.

Other popular breeds such as poodles, springer spaniels and American bulldogs make the list of the top 10 most pampered pooches, with the study showing that owners of these breeds spent the most on toys, accessories and treats for their pets.

The data from also found that the names of pups also have an influence on their spoiled nature, suggesting that dogs named Charlie are the most spoiled in the country. Pooches named Lucy and Bella come in close second and third place, and pups called Magnus, Neko and Emmitt being the least likely to be living a life of luxury.

John Smith, founder of said, “Every dog deserves to be spoiled and enjoy the ‘ulti-mutt’ best life possible, and our findings show which regions, states and cities are treating their dogs the most and the breeds that are the most likely to be indulged by dog lovers. We’ve delved into our data to discover who the most pampered pooches are according to their owner’s average spend per breed, name and where they live across the U.S.”

The full list of the most spoiled dogs in the U.S., including every region’s particularly pampered pups, can be found at