Florist brings blooms on a regular basis with new service

RICH LOPEZ | Staff writer

On National Flower Day in March, Shane Friesenhahn announced a new service for customers. His Botanical Mix boutique now offers subscription packages to clients. So fresh flowers every week, month or whatever? Why, yes.

“Launching a subscription service has been a dream of mine for quite some time,” Friesenhahn, owner and principal Designer of Botanical Mix by Shane Friesenhahn said in the original announcement. “After launching my first retail location at the Thompson Dallas hotel, I was inspired to begin this journey to offer my services on a wider scale to the Dallas community.”

Like a wine or meal prep subscription, Friesenhahn does the same with gorgeous flowers that are delivered straight to the client’s home.

The process is simple.

Customers can go to the Botanical Mix website and begin the process, first by deciding on the frequency of delivery, then the size and type of arrangements followed by payment and delivery info.

But it’s not just a matter of logging on and subscribing to a selection of arrangements. Friesenhahn and his team offer a personal touch to all packages.

“We tailor them to the client’s personality. We’ll call and learn a bit more about what colors they like or how they want their arrangements whether it’s more romantic or something abstract or even a combination,” Friesenhahn said. “We can make this a more personal experience for them.”

What customers see online are samples of arrangements Botanical Mix offers, and then they can go from there for any personal touches.

The idea for subscriptions started with customer feedback. Clients expressed an interest in a regular flower service. But Friesenhahn had also already been considering the idea as a niche offering that would extend his boutique’s outreach.

“I was putting myself into their shoes and thinking about the consistency of it rather than them trying to remember to order or decide on the arrangements. It is a luxe service but also a courtesy one where customers can sign up just the one time,” he explained.

The service may lean upscale, but he wants it to be fun for customers.

“We’re bringing joy, so we don’t keep it so serious for anyone,” he said. “It’s not just about the flowers; it’s how we assemble them and offer surprises each time they are delivered.”

He describes it as playing with color in his signature sculptural style.

Botanical Mix is located in the Thompson Hotel in downtown Dallas along with a business-to-business space in the Dallas Market Center. A third location is in the works.

The first iteration of the boutique opened in 2002 at a studio space on the east side of Plano. But his interest started well before that.

“I started helping my mom’s friends back in San Antonio,” Friesenhahn said. “I started pretty young, and, over time, I just built up my skill. Then I would do it out of my apartment before opening up in Plano.”

Friesenhahn describes himself as a person driven by nature, so flowers were an easy fit for him. He appreciates the diversity in flowers and how they can create their own pieces of art.

“They capture a lot of the senses for me with their textures and colors,” he said. “It’s literally painting with flowers, and you can do just about everything with them because there are so many different types.”

And now all those types can head directly to your home on a regular basis.

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