Dallas’ Lost Souls Rugby team in Amsterdam for the Bingham Cup. (Todd Maria/Dallas Voice)

Lost Souls Rugby finished its first day of competition with one win and one loss in Bingham Cup competition in Amsterdam. The Dallas team was moved to a higher division

The scores for the first day are:

Lost Souls 19 – Seattle B 0

Lost Souls 0 – Birmingham Bull (England) 55

Competition in The Bingham Cup, the world championship of gay and inclusive men’s and women’s rugby, continues through the weekend. Team coach and founder Todd Maria is sending scores and pictures.

More than 1,600 players from 60 clubs from around the world are registered to compete.

The Bingham Cup was created after the September 11 attacks and named for Mark Bingham, a gay man who is credited with bringing down a plane in Pennsylvania that hijackers were going to crash into the U.S. Capitol. Bingham was a rugby player. At the time of Bingham’s death, there were only six gay and inclusive rugby clubs in the world. Today there are more than 70.

Teams compete for the Bingham Cup every other year. The world competition has been held in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

— David Taffet