A holiday message from the publisher of Dallas Voice

As 2020 is (finally!) wrapping up, I decided to take a moment and look back at what has been one of the most trying — and yet satisfying — years I have ever seen. It’s been a year of extraordinary challenges, of tremendous lows and tremendous highs.
But I’m also looking ahead and thinking about how excited I am to have supportive advertisers, and all of you, our loyal readers, along with my brilliant colleagues by my side in the new year.

As an essential business, it is vital for us to provide you with comprehensive news and updates. In this time, we have witnessed a community that craves the news, the papers are flying off the shelves, and our website numbers are phenomenal, with more than 742,000 unique visitors per month.

Over the years we here at Dallas Voice have witnessed and documented many changes that helped us create and write the narrative of our evolution. We continue to publish every Friday without fail, despite the challenges this year has presented.

From day one, we have focused on one mission: to be your voice.

From a new administration, to investments in our community, to promising new vaccines — our future is bright. And it is especially important to highlight the renewed and urgent attention on the Black Lives Matter movement addressing racial injustice, which is so important to heal our country.

The holiday season always reminds me of the many things I am thankful for — family and friends, our advertisers and readers and the staff here at Dallas Voice.

When I walk down the halls of our office, I can see first-hand the passion of our tireless staff. I am amazed at their energy. They have exhausted every talent and effort to bring your voice front and center.

I am filled with Pride at the strong sense of community we have, giving us a solid foundation on which to build a bright new future. I celebrate you; I celebrate what it means to be queer, out, trans, Black, Indigenous, disabled — all the things we are — without apology.

With joy, hope, and inspiration in my heart, I and the staff here at Dallas Voice wish you all the happiest of holidays and the brightest of new years. Looking back, looking forward.