You know how we all get an extra hour when the time changes… until a few months later, when we lose the same hour, once the time changes back? There’s not much you can do with that migratory 60 minutes, which is why mostly we just sleep in.

Well, that’s not true this Saturday. Saturday is an entire 24 bonus.

That’s because it’s Feb. 29 — Leap Day. Like Melania, it comes only once every four years, but it takes up an entire day… and we never lose it in the fall. So, why not spend it doing something you don’t usually do — after all, it’s a lagniappe, a gift, a Mulligan, a do-over: Use it or lose it. Here are some suggestions:

• First off: Go see master mixologist Leann Berry, who will be behind the bar at the newly-opened Bernie’s (6211 W. Northwest Highway at Preston Tower), pouring her bourbon magic from 6–10 p.m. on Leap Day!

• Go to Vegas. If what happens there stays there, then the chimera of a day that disappears like Brigadoon must guarantee discretion.

• Make plans with someone you don’t see often, then say, “We should do this the same day every year!” Then you don’t have to see them about for four years and you aren’t being douchey.

• Set up a recurring event on your phone’s calendar… for “annual.” What will it do? Put you into March (Leap Day is never in March!)? Back you up to Feb. 28 (I want the day after Feb. 28!)? The confusion will be endless.

• Sleep in … for 25 hours. Consider it payback for all those lost hours when Daylight Savings is rolled back.

• Get married… or induce labor if you’re pregnant and expecting. If makes missing anniversaries seem justifiable.

• Establish it as your diet “cheat day” … and go to town.

— Arnold Wayne Jones