"Texas has been really kind of amazing. It has been a real success story in terms of getting people used to the idea that people from our community can run."

Denis Dison, spokesman for the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, on the fact that the national PAC has endorsed more candidates in Texas this year than in any other state except California

"I think I am still in disbelief that I am having to fight to see my child. My daughter deserves equal rights and equal protection. She deserves to have two parents raise her."

Kristine Vowels, who is suing in court for visitation rights with the biological child of her former partner

"I would not assist a person to live in a GAY area. Licensed agents are accountable to help clients, care for their needs, not assist a harmful lifestyle."

Real estate agent Kimzie Sandmann, responding to a property owner looking to sell a home in a "gay" neighborhood who sent an e-mail touting it as such

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 9, 2008.
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