Dixon Dallas brings his horny western swing to Arlington Pride

RICH LOPEZ | Staff writer

Dixon Dallas describes country music as all about sex — only it’s not as explicit as say, rap or some pop songs. You have to read between the lines for C&W’s persistent horniness. At the same time, Dallas said, he wanted more from the genre.

He never heard any country songs about booty bouncing and bussy kissing. So he set out to make one of his own.
Then his track gained some traction — particularly on TikTok

“I never really expected to do more than one song about bussy,” Dallas said with his remarkably pronounced Southern accent. “I wanted to do country music differently, though. Say some wild shit you don’t always hear.”

“He got me singing, ‘When we get to sippin’ whiskey

“And we get a little frisky

“I climb up on him, ride him like an F-150.”
— “F-150” 

People will catch his saucy vibe when he performs at  Arlington Pride 2024 on June 8, in the Levitt Pavilion.
Dixon Dallas is the alter ego of alt-rapper Jake Hill. Only, Dallas never says that. Jake Hill is a good buddy of his.

Dallas is just chill about any and everything, whether it’s his sexuality or his next song.

“No, I haven’t disclosed my sexuality. I could be gay. I could be straight. I could be bi. At the end of the day, I feel like it doesn’t matter,” he told Pride.com last August.
Take what you will from that.

He’s even chill about his Pride performance.

“There’s no difference, I think, in playing a gig and playing a Pride. You show up, be around people in a place where they are themselves and have a good time. It’s all gonna be a big party,” he said.

That could be an understatement.

What Dallas does well is craft songs with a lot of appeal that have lewd humor and hummable hooks. Yes, they are explicit, and yes, he paints a picture. Only, you don’t feel cringe singing them to yourself.

“Yeah, you can use me as you please; I’m on my knees
“I’ll go and grab a couple candles, you grab me by the throat
“Nothin’ I can’t handle; it’s just a little choke.”
— “Something to Feel” 

Gay social media boys post this stuff all the time on Insta or TikTok — and certainly on X, formerly known as Twitter. Just maybe not to a song. So Dallas isn’t just being some kind of baiter — maybe more of a mirror.

“I never expected the response because I kinda just threw it out there,” he said. “But it means something to me when a gay man tells me that he doesn’t have this music and that he feels seen or it makes them confident to come out.”

Dallas does have his tender side, too. He’s dropped singles about break-ups and boyfriends that equally address the feelings of, primarily, a young gay male.

“I held you at your worst (Worst): you left me at your best (Best)
“You broke me down until there wasn’t much left
“Picked myself up out the dirt (Dirt), and then I caught my breath (Breath)
“You can try to kill me, oh, but I ain’t dyin’ yet (No, I ain’t dyin’ yet)”
— “Better Without You”

So however “he” identifies, it’s fair to say that Dallas is putting out material that is sex-positive and gay positive — both ideal motifs for Pride.

“The feedback makes me keep doing it, and I’m glad to be able to. I can’t wait to come to Texas where Pride events probably get protested and bring my songs. It’s not just gonna be a loving space, but also — and yes, everyone’s entitled to their opinions — a big ‘fuck you’ to those people who protest Pride,” he said.

This year’s lineup of entertainment for Arlington Pride includes a mix of local and national talent. Drag Race icons JuJuBee and Dallas’s own Alyssa Edwards will be AP’s drag headliners.

The music headliner is Betty Who along with Dixon Dallas, Kameron Ross and DJ Al Farb. Liquor Mini will serve as the AP emcee this year.

Arlington Pride is presented by HELP Center for LGBT Health & Wellness. The event is free but a $10 suggested donation will go toward paying performers and festival workers as well as support charities, nonprofits and community programs.

For more information, visit ArlingtonPride.org or on social media @ArlingtonPrideOfficial.