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I got an e-mail Wednesday afternoon from someone at MSNBC saying they planned to use a quotation from an Instant Tea post on The Dylan Ratigan Show,” which to be honest I’d never even heard of.  This MSNBC person asked me to send over a Dallas Voice logo and a headshot, which I did, and he later confirmed that they’d used the quote, but I can’t find the video anywhere online. (We don’t get the cable at the IT Brewery, so we couldn’t watch it live.) Anyhow, someone later alerted me to the fact that this same quote had also been on MSNBC earlier, on “Morning Joe” with Joe Scarborough. I did manage to find this clip and have posted it above. How funny! Instant Tea on “Morning Joe”! At this point I suppose you’d like me to tell you what the quote is, but nah, I’m gonna make you watch.определить тиц пр сайта