How often have you need to cut open a box or an envelope but you didn’t have a knife or scissors? How often have you wanted nothing more than a cold drink of soda or beer straight out of the bottle, but you didn’t have a bottle opener? Or how often to do you need a screwdriver … or a file … or a wrench … or a wire stripper … or a protractor … .. (Wait, a protractor?)

But it just isn’t practical to carry all those tools around with you, is it? I mean, who has THAT many pockets?!

Well, now all your problems are solved! I mean, well, at least, all your problems that require a handy-dandy hand tool are solved. Check out the Geekey Multi-Tool, one tool the size of a large key that is fully equipped with more than 16 functions to help you tackle those everyday jobs. And it all fits in just ONE pocket!

Geekey Multi-Tool is made of a solid piece of 420 stainless steel, and it include a bike spoke key, a smoking pipe, a bottle opener, a closed wrench, a can opener, a serrated edge, a scoring tip, a multi-fit screw driver, a wire stripper, a bit driver, a file, a wire bender, an open wrench and more. What more could you ask for?! Available online at for $22.99.