We all know that the world can be a dangerous place. And we all know that it can especially dangerous when you are in any entertainment district — the kind of area thieves and muggers like to target — trying to get safely from the restaurant or the club back to your vehicle. When that entertainment district is the gayborhood, which is targeted by the homophobes as well as the muggers, the danger quotient can get even higher.

The same goes for jogging or cycling on one of the trails or in one of the parks around the Metroplex. Or shopping at a mall. Or — well, when you get right down to it, there are a lot of oour daily activities that can put us at risk.

That’s where InvisiWear comes in — stylish jewelry that doubles as an S.O.S. Emergency device. InvisiWear comes in a variety of styles — a unisex necklace, an athletic band, a keychain , in styles for men and women — and if you need help, you press the InvisiWear twice to send a text message to up to five pre-selected emergency contacts. The text notifies emergency contacts that the user needs help and includes a link showing the user’s location. It also has an optional 9-1-1 feature,

Wear it with your work clothes, casual cloths, gym clothes — whatever you have on. Buy it for yourself or for a loved on and make your world more secure.
InvisiWear.com. Starts at $129.

— Tammye Nash