By Daniel A. Kusner Life+Style Editor

Husky, hairy he-man Tom Chase kicks off Texas Bear Round-Up

WOLF WOOF: On Thursday, Tom Chase says he’ll sign your butt cheeks at Illusions.

Get ready for the grizzlies. The 13th annual Texas Bear Round-Up rolls into Dallas March 20-23, and on Thursday, local erotic legend Tom Chase is lending his superstar cred for a meet-and-greet.

Tom Chase is a bear?

Not exactly.

In the mid-’90s "Falcon" phase of his career, Chase was a smooth-skinned, almost Abercrombie-type. But as the years went by, he began morphing into a furrier musclestud. In 2004 — after he was inducted into the Adult Video News Hall of Fame — Chase retired from the biz. And the Highland Park-raised legend moved back to Dallas where he still lives.

Last year, Chase made his comeback with Colt Studios and was featured in "Waterbucks 2," "Naked Muscles: The New Breed" and "Couples III" — appearing even beefier and downier. But that doesn’t make Tom Chase a "bear." He identifies as a "wolf."

Next to twisted drag and effeminate comedians, bear culture is one of gay society’s more humorous fetishizations. With their relaxed "blue collar" fashion sense — far removed from metrosexuality — bears sure have fun with labels. Most people think bears are hirsute, big-bellied types. So it’s better to exercise caution before labeling someone a bear. But there are lots of other identifiers you can work with.

Compared to a bear, a "wolf" is supposed to be "a more muscular hairy man who styles himself as being sexually aggressive." A "cub" is supposed to be younger furball who’s sexually submissive. An "otter" is cub-like in age and disposition but is often thin, not so hairy and often seeking a "daddy bear." And what do bears call their fag-hags? Goldilocks.

Earlier this week, Dallas Voice e-mailed Chase about his sexy animal side and satisfying hungry beasts.

How did you come to grips with your "wolf" identity? I think it came with age. It wasn’t something I had to "come to grips" with. Rather, I had been waiting — longing — for it to come since I was very young.

Who’d be your ideal "cub?" Probably someone like Blake Lewis or David Archuleta from "American Idol" I hope I’m allowed to say that — they’re both underage. And they both look so cuddly. Plus, I love a good singer — something I cannot do.

Who’d be your ideal "otter?" Daniel Radcliffe. He’s someone I would love to completely surround with my arms and legs, and breed over and over again.

Who would be your number-one "goldilocks?" Ellen Page, the star of "Juno." Talk about a cool chick!

A bear’s prevailing fashion sense is said to favor earth tones, flannel and work boots: If we went into Tom Chase’s closet, what would the bear community be shocked to find in your wardrobe? Stretch-denim jeans, a lot of athletic shorts and a pair of khaki pants.

If Tom Chase were going to prepare "the ultimate sexy breakfast" for a sloth of hungry bears, what would be on the menu? I’d have Denny’s cater it with COLT Men Carlo Masi, Adam Champ, Carl Hardwick, Jake Tanner and myself serving in just jockstraps.

What’s in store for TBRU kick-off party? I will be dressed in jeans and a COLT tank top, signing photos and butt cheeks.

Meet Tom Chase on March 20,
10 p.m.-midnight.
Illusions, 4100 Maple Ave.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 14, 2008сео раскрутка