Israel Luna

Director Israel Luna celebrates a new partnership in adult filmmaking

RICH LOPEZ | Staff writer

On Monday, Oct. 31 — that is, on Halloween night — local filmmaker Israel Luna will celebrate good news about his Spayse Studio: Not only has he expanded the square footage of his multi-purpose studio, he’s expanding his reach into the adult film world. The launch party on Monday — headlined by famed adult film director, drag queen and DJ Chi Chi LaRue — celebrates his new site, PrivatePlaygroundXXX.


Luna recently established a partnership with OLB Media which specializes in adult websites. In Private Playground, Luna will film content specifically for the site that will also be seen on his JustForFans and OnlyFans pages.

This all started simply by having a safe space within his Spayse.

“It started a few years ago when I was putting together these private parties for guys who enjoy intimate events,” Luna said by phone. “But it started growing, and we’d average up to 30 people at a time. This was just a fun thing on the side, but I was told I should be charging people to attend.”

Luna would charge a mere $10 for his steamy events and created his private email list from those attending. What he discovered was that not only was he undercharging, based on what he heard from party attendees, but his events were a bit of a gem.

“People were coming from out of town, like from New York and Florida and Chicago. I learned that those big cities have parties like this but once a year. We have ours every two weeks,” he explained.

Then Luna was asked about the possibility of creating content for OnlyFans and JustForFans based on these parties.

“A couple of folks would come to the party suggesting that, because they said videos of groups are rare when most of it is an individual or with another person,” the filmmaker said. “But a group of people would be totally different for that.”

Luna had the production skills and the space and the willingness. So why not?

Well, timing wasn’t quite on his side — or was it?

“When we were gonna have our first video event, it was the Friday just before quarantine started,” he recalled. “I had three hours of footage and just chopped it into segments.”
What did happen because of quarantine was that those sites took off, and, with his footage, Luna found himself in the top 1 percent of content creators.

“Talk about being very fortunate at the timing,” he said.

As time went on and things became a bit safer, Luna continued making content which caught the attention of a random fan and subscriber who happened to be with OLB Media, the web designers for MaverickMen, FraternityX and other sites. He told Luna OLB wanted to take his content and create a whole new website.
“‘Why mine?’ I asked. They said, ‘You have a look; a branding; a style. You’re really consistent, and you have a lot of content,’” Luna said.

He describes his style as gritty and dark, with club lighting akin to a dungeon or backroom. The unscripted content will feature a minimum of 16 performers because anything less “is just an orgy.” That style is what landed him this partnership.

“Four months later they are building a website, and I’m having a launch party. I really didn’t think that I would ever be in charge of a legit porn site,” Luna admitted.

His launch party will happen at Spayse and will feature “Twitter stars, content creators, escorts, models and those who love them.” Luna said he may just also bring out a California king-size and some cameras to add some spice to the night.

The party is for 18 and up, natch.

Luna doesn’t just see this as an opportunity for his own branding; he wants it to be a platform in some ways. Porn has a stigma of shame, and Luna is all about sex positivity. Thus, he provides a space for inhibitions to be left at the door.

“I do wanna be that person to provide that space to enjoy other men with no judgment,” he said. “I think it’s contributing in a wonderful way to the men here in Dallas. I want to stress that Spayse encourages sex positivity, and there is no judgment or slut-shaming here.

“People don’t have to be shy about what they are into here.”

Does this mean a new path for Luna’s filmmaking? Not at all. It only means an additional path.

“One thing I’m very happy for is that I can still work on my films — I’m editing two horror films right now — and still do my film competition and Private Playground and run a business and none of them affect the others,” he said. “I’m so grateful to do what I love to do.”

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