Screen cap taken from video from an officer’s body cam during the May 26 incident involving Dee Hall.

The family of LaDamonyon DeeDee Hall, 47, a Black transgender woman, is suing Dallas Police and paramedics for her death while being transported to Baylor Hospital. Hall died on May 26, 2022.

According to the police report, DPD was called to the 12000 block of Garland Road where Hall was causing a disturbance, yelling and falling down. She “was taken into custody for a mental health evaluation by Dallas Police and transported by Dallas Fire Rescue to Baylor Hospital where she died.”

A 35-minute video shows officers arriving at the location and talking to Hall, who appears frightened and disoriented. When they arrived, police officers called her “ma’am” and used appropriate pronouns. The police report also uses she/her pronouns.

But on the video, Hall gets more upset and confused and lifts her dress exposing herself. Officers and paramedics switched to masculine pronouns and called Hall “sir” and “bud” and placed her into restraints. Hall complains she is uncomfortable and having trouble breathing. But at times, the first responders are heard laughing and joking.

Video shows Hall continue to thrash and scream after she was put into the ambulance. Family members have said Hall was bipolar schizophrenic and had diabetes and questioned at the time how she was treated.

Several investigations were held including a medical review by Dallas Fire Rescue EMS, the Dallas Police Community Oversight Board and the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

The family believes Hall’s death was preventable and are charging negligence, excessive force and discrimination. An autopsy claims she died of acute heart failure caused, in part, by the restraint position and use of a spit hood by the paramedics.

The lawsuit asks for $2 million in damages and asks for a jury trial. The lawsuit alleges the first responders showed a “callous disregard for her dignity and well-being.”