Our guide to the best luxe workout gear

Summer-bod goals crash and burn by the middle of June? Join the club. But perhaps the best thing about fall (besides guys in grey sweatpants!) is that there’s ample time to concentrate more on exercise since you won’t be scouting dudes on the beach, getting shitfaced at pool parties, and stuffing your face at backyard BBQs as much. Feel like a million bucks when you snap back into a workout regimen with this self-starter luxury exercise equipment.

NordicTrack Fusion CST. Strength and cardio converge in the NordicTrack Fusion CST, a revolutionary combination of cabled resistance and a flywheel with Silent Magnetic Resistance that allows for muscle building and HIIT-style movements. Enhanced with iFit Coach LiveCast streaming technology, a 10-in. tablet console is included for well-rounded in-home personal training without the per-session price tag. $1,999, nordictrack.com.

Peloton Bike. Other fitness equipment manufacturers began upgrading their outdated static bikes when the standard-setting Peloton hit the market a few years ago, but the innovative at-home cycling experience continues to edge out the competition with its ability to stream daily live classes from its NYC studio with 24-hour access. $2,474 for the Works Package; onepeloton.com.

SomaSole Fitness Bundle. Ideal for homebodies, road trippers and outdoor enthusiasts, SomaSole from Finesse Fitness includes everything you need for an anywhere, anytime workout, including Link resistance bands, FitStrap bodyweight trainers, FreeWheel instability sliders, and a Stem dynamic workout bar, available in a backpack or duffel bundle, so you can keep your routine consistent and results on track when you’re away from a gym. $169–$299, indiegogo.com.

Hock Design DISKUS Dumbbells. Your local gym equipment will look like clearance surplus after you pick up Hock Design’s set of 10 20kg DISKUS Dumbbells (with rack), constructed of turned, polished and oiled walnut flanked by grade 303 non-reactive stainless steel end caps. Are they worth the head-shakingly hefty price tag? Only if you’ve got serious money to burn and something ultra-narcissistic to prove. $14,700, shophock.com.

Tonal, pictured above. An electromagnetic resistance engine controlled by an algorithm powers the digital weights in Tonal; there are no metal plates anywhere on the sleek, wall-mounted system that’s about the size of a large flat-screen TV. It also replaces an entire gym’s worth of equipment for a smooth, precise workout that will help you lose weight and increase your athletic performance through on-demand personalized coaching with a monthly subscription. $2,995, tonal.com.

— Mikey Rox