Ford Maverick

10 desirable rides for under $25K

CASEY WILLIAMS | Auto Reviewer

It seems like every new vehicle wears a $40k price tag. But you don’t have to spend nearly that much to buy some of the best vehicles for style, utility, and comfort — whether you want a pickup, crossover or luxury car. Even at prices below $25,000, these are ones you’ll be proud to show your friends and to drive a very long time.

Buick Envista
Dynamic elegance meets crossover coupe with a fast roofline, large grille and optional 19-inch wheels. Wide display infotainment screens look expensive. The 1.2-liter turbo-three delivers 136 horsepower and 28/32-MPG city/hwy. AWD is not available. Safety is enhanced by automatic braking, lane keep assist and optional adaptive cruise.
Base price: $22,400

Chevy Trax
Envista’s buff brother dons muscular crossover bodywork and an interior laden with large touchscreens, spacious legroom and standard automatic braking plus lane keep assist. Wireless Apple/Android connectivity come, too. Tap a 1.2-liter turbo-three delivering 137 hp and 28/32 MPG. Heated seats/steering and adaptive cruise are optional.
Base price: $20,400

Ford Maverick (Top)
A dirt cheap pickup that can actually haul dirt! Tight handling and standard AWD attack roads, but the 250 horsepower turbo-four achieves 22/29-MPG city/hwy. Check available contrasting color seats, Apple/Android connectivity and flip-up rear seats to load bicycles. An open bed with tie-downs is perfect for sports and yardwork.
Base price: $23,400

Kia Soul
Funky urban-friendly style fronts a stylish cabin big enough for friends, bikes and IKEA haul. Moving it is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder providing 147 horsepower and efficient 29/35 MPG city/hwy. Safety is enhanced by automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning with intervention and adaptive cruise. Get it in Surf Blue with a black roof.
Base price: $19,990

Hyundai Kona
All-new with a smoother design, this little crossover dons a cozy interior with wide flatscreen and full suite of crash avoidance technology that includes safe exit assist. Base models run with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder conjuring 147 horsepower and 28/33 MPG. Adaptive cruise and Bose audio are options. Spend more for EV and N editions.
Base price: $24,100

Toyota Corolla
He’s not sexy, but this Mississippi boy puts out. Sharpened styling encompasses a roomy interior for five, upscale materials, 8-inch dash screen and wireless Apple/Android connectivity. Beneath the hood is a 169 horsepower four-cylinder delivering 32/41 MPG city/hwy. Safety includes automatic braking, lane tracing, and radar cruise.
Base price: $21,900

Nissan Kicks
The urban-sized Kicks’ book is better than its cover as cavernous interiors offer intuitive controls, mini-crossover utility and solid quality. It’s sporty to drive given a 122 horsepower 1.6-liter four-cylinder, CVT and tight suspension. Expect 31/36 MPG city/hwy. Adaptive cruise and headrests with Bose audio speakers are optional.
Base price: $20,790

Mazda CX-30
Upscale and elegant, the Mazda3-based crossover is delightful. Interiors are dressed in stitched coverings, artful center display and cloth seats (leather optional). Radar cruise, auto braking and lane keep assist enhance safety. Sashay away with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder generating 191 horsepower and 26/33 MPG city/hwy — AWD standard.
Base price: $24,995

Honda HR-V
Styling hints at Porsche Macan while interiors are more Civic with waffle pattern cloth seats, rubber steering wheel and flybridge console. Air vents hide behind mesh plastic. Get it with auto climate control, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise. Performance is amped by a 158 horsepower four-cylinder achieving 26/32 MPG.
Base price: $24,100

Subaru Impreza
All new sheetmetal is sexier; interiors cradle tablet touchscreens, dual-zone climate and wireless CarPlay/Auto. Crossover hatchback utility melds with athletic handling and AWD. Enjoy a 152 horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder with CVT and 27/34 MPG city/hwy. Automatic braking, adaptive cruise and lane keep assist are standard.
Base price: $22,995