By MARK STOKES | Illustrator

Green-eyed stylist Ryan Chambers is full of lucky charms

Shamrock shakin’ it

Name and age: Ryan Chambers, 34

Occupation: Hairdresser

Getting his Irish up: This green-eyed Irish Capricorn hails from the Great Smoky Mountains of Kentucky. He loves to give real people superstar haircuts, but admits that "to get people to look glamorous is not so glamorous."

Project runway: He was the assistant hair director for DIFFA for six years, and director of hair another four, where he worked his magic on 120 models. "You get covered in hair spray and glitter. It’s an ugly job running up and down to make people look good!" When he’s not making someone red carpet gorgeous, he enjoys reading biographies; a bio on Ellen Burstyn is his latest.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 12, 2010.создание и поддержка сайта стоимостьэффективная реклама