HIV specialist Gene Voskuhl is on a mission

MARK STOKES | Illustrator

Name: Gene W. Voskuhl, M.D.

Spotted at: Nelson-Tebedo Clinic

Occupation: Infectious disease physician
Born in small-town Oklahoma, Gene first worked as a teacher of doctors, serving as a young professor in hospitals and HIV clinics. Voskuhl moved to Dallas 12 years ago for a job, traveling to multiple states sharing research on HIV medications. He has worked in private practice, clinical research and nonprofit organizations in the HIV and infectious disease field. He’s been celebrated multiple times as the Best HIV Physician in the Dallas Voice. served as grand marshal of the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade and is this year’s DIFFA healthcare award-winner.

Planning for the future: His passion for a healthy LGBTQ community is obvious as he talks about the challenges and stigma that many encounter. He’s even had specialized training in medical issues that occur because of this discrimination and knows how to overcome it. He partnered recently with Resource Center, providing PrEP, which he considers a critical step in keeping our community healthy. He plans to further that work in July when Resource Center opens a primary care clinic for the Dallas LGBTQ community.
Voskuhl married his husband on a beach in Carmel, Calif., and describes it as the happiest day of his life. He and David live in Oak Lawn.

Quote: “Be out, be proud. You’ll be happier and healthier.”