In an attempt to make Oak Lawn even more unlivable, real estate developer UDR announced the FAA has approved its plan for a 25-story residential tower at 2743 Turtle Creek Blvd. FAA approval is needed because the proposed building is on the glide path to Love Field and is taller than 200 feet. Should the city issue a building permit, construction should interfere with traffic along Turtle Creek Boulevard beginning in June 2025 and should create traffic nightmares through the end of 2026.

According to the Dallas Business Journal, UDR purchased the property in 2022 for $90.2 million.

Within a block of this monstrosity, a 21-story residential tower is under construction and plans for a second 20-story tower have been filed. A Four Seasons Hotel that will have 233 hotel rooms and 118 condominiums is also planned. A couple of blocks away, on the corner of Hood and Brown streets, a 30-story tower is threatened to further destroy the neighborhood.

Virtually no public transportation runs through this Oak Lawn neighborhood and even if it did, it’s unlikely residents who can afford these residences would use it. So streets designed to handle cars from about 10 single-family homes will now be lined with 30-story towers. You thought traffic in Oak Lawn is bad now? Just wait.

— David Taffet