The organizers of the 2021 Creating Change Conference on Monday, Jan. 4, announced the full slate of workshops and other sessions organized for the 33rd annual conference, set for Jan. 28-31. This year, for the first time in its 33 year history, Creating Change will hold all of its institutes, workshops, keynotes and caucus sessions completely online in an effort to help stem the spread of COVID-19. The event, run by the National LGBTQ Task Force, is a space for learning, connecting and growing as LGBTQ activists, leaders, allies, and changemakers from across the nation join together.

The 2021 the conference will include four plenary sessions, 16 day-long institute and 48 workshop and caucus sessions.

Conference Director Andy Garcia said this year’s Creating Change “will offer an opportunity to discuss all those things you are told to never bring up at the holiday table: politics, religion, and sex! … . From the hard conversations about the issues we face to organizing strategies in these challenging times to the chance to enjoy each other in community, we are doing our best to create an amazing experience for all who join us.”

Some examples of the workshops include: Hopes and Dreams: Reaching High on Policy Advocacy in 2021: Vice President Auntie? Organizing Friendly Administrations for Systemic Change; Let’s Break The Binary and the Carceral State: Queers Abolishing Prisons and Policing, Queering the Census Today and Tomorrow; An Exploration of Queer and Trans Ministry; Turning Your Sermon into a Sound-bite; Liberating Your Divine Identity: A Spiritual Conversation: “Wonderfully Made, Yuval David Film Preview and Discussion on our Understanding of Jesus; Mapping Your Desire: The Sexual Liberation Institute, Creating Change; These are a Few of My Favorite Things; Sex in the Time of COVID; Decolonizing Desire; and Sexy Survivors.

There will be opportunities to have fun and celebrate the LGBTQ community, including the Agents of Change House Ball organized by WC Father Angel Revlon of California, Lady Penelope of New York City and Legendary Oso Milan of Miami, benefitting the House Lives Matter Mutual Aid Fund.

There will also be a game night, an open mic night and the opening “cruise” — all virtual but bringing you Creating Change’s spirit of connection and tradition of gathering in community in a new way.

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