Judge Darlene Ewing

Judge Darlene Ewing, judge of Dallas County District Court 264 and former chair of the Dallas County Democrats, has died.

Ewing was long known as an ally of the LGBT community, and activist Jesse Garcia, in a Facebook post today (Friday, Nov. 16), recalled how Ewing, then county party chair, “opened her party offices to the LGBTQ community” in 2005 to help the community fight a amendment ā€” Proposition 2 ā€” adding a ban on same-sex marriage to the Texas Constitution.

“I remember her kindness, bravery and willingness to take controversial stands in order to help marginalized people,” said Garcia, who know lives and works in Washington, D.C. “Iā€™m a better person for knowing her.”

We will publish more information here on blog when it becomes available.

ā€” Tammye Nash