A legislative committee will hold a hearing on a bill that will add protection in housing for LGBT people on Wednesday, March 31 at 10:30 a.m. HB 191 will remove sexual orientation and gender identity as excluded from protection.

Activist Kelli Busey asks that anyone who is available to come to Austin for the hearing should come to help protect our rights. She pointed out the hearing is being held on Trans Day of Visibility.

On Twitter, Busey wrote:

The URBAN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE will be holding a public hearing and taking person testimony regarding proposed amendments to State Housing laws.

Current Texas law specifically excludes “Transvestites” and “sexual orientation” from housing protections.

While most of the members on this committee are our allies this is the perfect opportunity to make a statement for equality on the transgender day of visibility!

She explains more on her website Planet Transgender.

— David Taffet