Thanks to Hardy Haberman, I hear that Shann Carr is heading to Dallas tonight to perform stand-up. According to the tour dates on her site, she’s set to play Dallas May 15, but according to Haberman’s Twitter feed, she’s showing up tonight at Sue Ellen’s in her pink RV. The thing is, she doesn’t seem to have an official gig lined up here.
Let’s play it out.
I read this Haberman tweet first – “Shann Carr is going to show up at Sue Ellens tonight as a SURPRISE! Be there, I predict fun & fireworks!In response, I asked Haberman and Caven’s Rick Espaillat what the deal was. Espaillat told me this was news to him unless she’s just going to partake in tonight’s karaoke at Sue Ellen’s. Haberman was kind enough to send me the note Carr had sent him. The e-mail mentioned, “I thought we had a gig at Sue Ellen’s but they bagged on us. So we’re taking our pink and blue rhinestone RV down there tonight to show ’em what they’re missing. We’ll be there around 8. Anybody wanna meet us there? ”
And that’s all I got for now, folks. I put in a call to Carr this afternoon but have yet to hear back. However, her tour poster and postcards mention it as the filming of a comedy/reality series. See after the jump.
If anything, I’d stick close to Sue Ellen’s tonight for perhaps some guerrilla comedy going on. Just look for the big pink RV.



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