Winter storm Uri left Dallas — and the rest of Texas — covered in snow and ice last week. With record low temperatures, Uri left millions of dollars of damage in its wake. (Photo courtesy of Wesley Fryar)

The Dallas Department of Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization is funding emergency home repairs to its low-and-moderate-income homeowners whose primary residences within the city were damaged Winter Storm Uri that wreaked havoc across the state last week. Dallas City Council voted unanimously today (Wednesday Feb. 24) to allocate $2 million towards its Emergency Home Repair Program.

“This program is crucial to families who may not have the means to repair or restore their homes after sustaining damage from the storm,” said David Noguera, director of housing and neighborhood revitalization. “The city, along with its federal, state and county agencies, are committed to finding resources to meet the needs of our low-to-moderate income homeowners.”

Record-setting temperatures lingered well below freezing for nearly a week, causing power outages that left residents in the cold and scrambling to find safe, warm places to sleep, eat, bathe and charge electronics. Once temperatures rose above freezing, residents began experiencing water damage, often extensive, from frozen and broken pipes.

Residents who qualify for the program have two options for assistance: the rebate program or the non-profit program.

Under the rebate program, Dallas residents who paid a licensed contractor to repair damages to their homes are eligible for reimbursement up to $10,000.

Homeowners who lack funding to pay up front for repairs are eligible to apply through the city’s

non-profit partners for assistance. Each non-profit organization receiving grant funding from the city is required to administer case management and procure contractors. The city is currently procuring

non-profits and an announcement will made soon identifying the organizations and the application process.

Homeowners within the city of Dallas with household incomes at or below 80 percent of the area median income qualify, as long as the damage to the home occurred during the winter storm and as long as applicants reside primarily in the premises needing repair.

The programs will cover the following repairs and or replacements:

• Wall/floor removal

• Sewer lines

• Gas lines

• Water lines and/or water damage

• Roof

• Electrical System

• HVAC units

• Plumbing fixtures, including sink pipes and toilets damaged by frozen conditions

• Mold remediation

For more information on the rebate program, residents should call the Dallas Department of

Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization at 214-670-3644 or email at

For a list of non-profits partnering with the city, visit the website here.

—Tammye Nash