Oh my God y’all, I had a great week to close out March! It started with Madonna and ended with our anniversary!

First off, I haven’t been to a Madonna concert since I was 18 years old and went to see the Blonde Ambition Tour. It was everything little baby gay me needed to feel like I belonged in this world. In March, I got to see the Celebration Tour, and it was a renewal of love for my community. If you were there — and who wasn’t? I felt like I saw just about everyone I have ever known. I even half-smiled at a few of my enemies; nothing was going to wipe the smile off of my face — you know what I mean.

We had tickets to see her back in 2012, and they were great seats — ground level, fourth row from the stage. Then she cancelled, due to “severe laryngitis.” I wouldn’t have been so upset, except she didn’t cancel her second night. Good for the second-night ticket holders, but just fuck my drag. Madonna and I were not on speaking terms after that.

Luckily, we made up just in time for the recent concert. And I am so glad we did. The concert was everything I wanted it to be and more. It was nostalgic and beautiful.

It was uplifting and emotional. It was 40 years of great music, and I realized I have been a fan since I was 11 years old.

We danced through just about the entire concert. I woke up the next day sore as fuck, but it was so worth it. Yes, she started late, but we knew she was starting on Diva

Time, so we took our time to get there. We didn’t leave the gayborhood until about the time the concert was supposed to start. We bar-hopped and cocktailed until it was time to go. We took our time. No wait or lines to park or get into the venue. The only line we waited in was for dranks, so we double-fisted it when we finally got ours.

Everywhere you looked there were people dressed up for a Madonna concert. Cone bras, sheer shirts and every variation of costumes from every video or performance Madonna has ever done. One of our good friends, McWhorter, wore a white cowboy hat and white fur coat…just like Madge did in the video for “Music.” You know he was a hot sweaty mess before the concert even started.

We saw an older lady — older than me — wearing a bondage type outfit straight out of the Erotica era. She looked fabulous. Everyone was taking pictures with everyone. It was such a great feeling. No drama or judgement, just everyone living their best lives openly and honestly. That is the power of Madonna.

Bob the Drag Queen did an amazing job hosting the entire night. The dancers were all hot and amazing. When Madonna spoke, she reminded me of me when I have to host a show in a bad mood. You know — kind of a bitch but still had us eating everything she was serving.

Bitch, she’s Madonna! I expected nothing less!

I was a blubbering mess during “Live To Tell.” It was a beautiful tribute to people we have lost to AIDS, and I couldn’t help but mentally put the friends I have lost in between the pictures of Keith Harring and Freddy Mercury. It was cathartic and beautiful and totally intensified everything you were feeling. “Live To Tell” took on a new meaning for me that night.

Madonna puts on an amazing show — period! I still feel like I am on cloud 9 from the energy from that night. Thank you to one of my besties, Justin, for including me. I love you!

Speaking of love, Jamie and I just celebrated 21 years together. That means if he had knocked me up on our first date, our child could drink now. That is crazy. Thank God I had my tubes tied.

Seriously, I am crazy proud of 21 years. My life has been so much better with him in it. He is my safety net for when I am spiraling, and my tether for when I need grounding. He was the stability I needed in my life when we met and is still that for me today.

Not every day is bliss, but we rarely raise our voices and actually argue. Do we annoy each other? Fuck yes. Some days I wanna throw him and his phone in the lake, and I know for sure that he mentally murders me at least once a day.

But all of that is light and superficial. None of that goes deep. Down deep is only love. I am a lucky bitch!

Remember to always love more, bitch less and be fabulous! XOXO, Cassie Nova