A letter to family and friends that are Republican


Hey y’all. I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing because I need a favor from you. I do not take asking you this lightly, but it is weighing very heavily on my heart and mind. Could you please, just this once, vote democratic in this upcoming election?

I normally would not ask this, but there is nothing normal about the times we live in right now. To my family in particular who voted for Mr. Trump in the last election: I know you have seen how divided his ways have made our country. I beg of you to not vote for him a second time. I ask you this as a son, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin and grandson. I ask this as someone you love.

This has gone so far past our different political views; this is now more about morals — morals that my family helped instill in me. I was taught that you treat people with kindness and respect. I know you see it; I know you know what I am talking about. I know that in the privacy of your own homes and to your close friends, you say things like, “I wish he would just shut up and do his job!”
You can help shut him up by voting blue on Nov. 3.

This is Texas; this is the Deep South. So I know some of you can’t see past the words “Republican” and “Democrat.” Most of you are small-town country folks with good hearts, people who know right from wrong. I know what I am asking goes against your natural instincts, but sometimes you have to evolve to survive. Our democracy is dying; please throw it a life line.

I promise you that if the tables were turned, I would absolutely listen to your plea and think long and hard about my decision. Please do that for me.

This isn’t just a vote for president; it is a vote to help protect my way of life. Until 2003 it was illegal to have gay sex. We couldn’t legally get married until 2015, and it was totally legal to fire someone for being gay until June 2020. That is this year. Your ability to marry who you love, your sex life, your employment has never been an issue for you. So please think about the privilege you have had without ever worrying that it might be taken away. My rights and freedoms are hanging in the balance, and that is why I am asking for your help.

This is why I am scared. This is why this election matters.

Most of you have children, and I know you want to leave a healthy earth for your kids. I’ve been to your houses; you recycle. That shows me that you want to better this planet. Climate change is real, and we all know it. For the sake of your children, vote blue.

I am willing to discuss and fact-check anything you want if it will help persuade you to vote against Trump. The Democrats are not coming for your guns. They are not coming for your healthcare. If there is a huge reason you are against voting blue, I ask you to please fact-check the truth of the topic and not listen to your friends on Facebook, the ones that are suddenly intelligent on the internet but can’t make complete sentences in real life.

Our current president is racist. That is not an opinion; that is a fact. His inability to denounce white supremacy tells you everything you need to know on that subject. The president of the United States should be president to all, not just the white folks. People of color have felt separated and marginalized for too long, and Trump is widening the divide. In your heart, you know that to be true. I know you do.

Look, if you are still all “HELL YEAH! THAT’S MY PRESIDENT!!!” after all that you have seen and all that you know, then please tell me so. Better the devil you know, after all, and I will know you have been lost to the cult and have blinders on. I will miss you.

If you love me, please think about my plea. This is coming from me not just as a gay man, but as a human that believes there is good in this world. Please don’t reward bad behavior. Send a message that goodness prevails over party lines. Our differences can be worked on, and our problems can be resolved together. But hate should never be rewarded or overlooked because you can’t see past the words “Democrat” and “Republican.”

I promise to care about your issues if you care about mine. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you more for seriously considering my request.

Love to you all, James Love and sometimes…Cassie Nova