Chevy Camaro, left,  Hyundai Veloster, right

Our head-to-head pits the Chevy Camaro against the Hyundai Veloster

CASEY WILLIAMS | Auto Reviewer
[email protected]

Quick jocks come in many different forms, but automotively speaking, they’re usually muscle-bound linebackers with deep voices or lean sprinters that are versatile in use. Either can be sent off to finishing school for a little culture or strength training, but the Chevy Camaro is more of the former while the Hyundai Veloster is more the latter. Both are redesigned with flashy new skin for 2019, so let’s see if you prefer your sports car butch or femme.

What’s in a name:
Camaro: It’s either your pal or a small angry animal that eats Mustangs, depending on whom at Chevrolet you ask. Either way, it sounds like a very nice way to slay Japanese sport coupes.
Veloster: sounds like one very fast hungry dinosaur. It’s probably angry from getting its feathers kicked by Camaros, so I wouldn’t try to pet it.

Under the hood:
Camaro: Choose a 275 horsepower turbo-4, 335 horsepower V6, 455 horsepower V8, or 650 horsepower supercharged V8. However you want to do it, he’s hot and ready to perform.
Veloster: Packs a 147 horsepower 4-cylinder or 201 horsepower turbo-4 engine. She’s certainly not slow, but will run out of steam soon after its quick romp.

Making it last:
Camaro: Achieves up to 22/31-MPG city/highway with the turbo-4 and automatic transmission — pretty impressive for a modern day muscle car.
Veloster: Up to 28/34-MPG city/highway with its own turbo-4 — its compact car roots keep it frugal.

Stripper name:
Camaro: Hunky Lansing. He hails from Michigan and lives to go balls-out whether hitting the track, slithering through traffic, or twitching his ass at the club.
Veloster: Funky Ulsan. It’s a spicy little Korean that likes to rev it on curvy roads, slide into tight spaces and give a cheeky grin to introduce itself.

Mad style:
Camaro: Updated for 2019 with an angrier mug and taillamps, the car traces its basic style to the original 1967 model. Sure, it’s had a little plastic surgery and butt implants, but it’s aging even better than Tina Turner.
Veloster: It’s completely redesigned for 2019 with an aggressive stance and menacing ground affects. Not sure why she’s frontin’, but she’s making a fabulous scene.

Favorite movie:
Camaro: Smokey and the Bandit, though he was always jealous of his fast black sister. Watch it online through on-board 4G LTE Wi-Fi.
Veloster: Gone in 60 Seconds, though that also describes its stamina. Thump all your favorite vibes through sweet-sounding Infinity audio.

Safety first:
Camaro: The fast Chevy pulls on forward collision, side blind zone, rear cross traffic, and lane change alert systems.
Veloster: The energetic Hyundai takes the Camaro’s protection and raises it adaptive cruise, lane keep assist, forward collision mitigation and driver attention alert.

Favorite asset:
Camaro: The availability of Magnetic Ride Control that uses a magnetorheological damper system with metallic particles that can be electrified and de-electrified to adjust from Touring comfort to Track firm. Yeah, it sounds nerdy, but it is an amazing experience.
Veloster: Gotta be the third door on the passenger side to let kids and pets enter with ease. Sure, having an extra third door is a bit like a third nipple, but it makes the car even sexier.

Bottom line:
Camaro: $25,905. You pay cheap trick prices for a Muscle Mary who has more power than a 1980s IROC. It’s a hell of a deal no matter where you’re cutting a rug.
Veloster: $17,500. You can buy more powerful, and more expensive, performance cars, but none are as easy to own. Drive it like you stole it, because you almost did.