Dallas City Hall

UPDATE: Read the city manager’s extended memo on the furlough here.

The city of Dallas will furlough 500 city employees effective next Wednesday. The temporary layoff will last through the end of July.

The affected employees hold non-essential jobs, including part time parks and recreation, library, arts, culture and facilities employees.

A large number of LGBT city employees are expected to be affected, because they fill so many of the arts, culture and library positions as well as other positions that will be furloughed.

The city estimates that 92 percent of those furloughed will actually come out ahead.

During the layoff, pension deductions will not be made and the city will continue to pay their healthcare costs without employee contributions. Because of the stimulus, their unemployment should match their paycheck with an additional $300-600 per week.

An announcement about the furlough is expected at noon.

— David Taffet