Brandon Woodruff has appealed his murder conviction to the U.S. Supreme Court. He is seeking a dismissal of his verdict based on violation of his 6th Amendment rights. Prosecutors recorded a private jailhouse conversation between him and his attorney prior to his trial. Lower courts ruled that he wasn’t harmed by this.

Woodruff was convicted of the 2005 murders of his mother and father despite no physical evidence linking him to the crimes. The prosecution mostly used character assassination during the trial, because Woodruff is gay. Among the trial evidence is that the night of the murder, Woodruff and friends were at S4 on Cedar Springs Road.

Filmmaker Scott Poggensee has been documenting the case in a film called Texas Justice that is making the film festival rounds. He’s recently released a 16-minute preview and a petition asks the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to reopen the case. Poggensee is looking for more signatures on the petition before sending it to the court in an attempt to reopen the case.

— David Taffet