Banner along Blackburn Street in Oak Lawn at the Kalita Humphries Theater (David Taffet/Dallas Voice)

A banner at the entrance to the Kalita Humphries Theatre at Blackburn Street has been slashed for a second time.

The sign carries the message Black Lives Matter and the word Pride in a heart over a Pride flag followed by the sponsors of the banner: Uptown Players, Dallas Theater Center and Andy Smith and Paul von Wupperfeld.

The first attack on the signs happened more than a week ago.

The second attack on the sign happened on July 3 or early on July 4. The slashes were repaired with tape and the signs remain in place.

With all performances canceled, the two theater companies that use the Kalita Humphries didn’t want to leave the marquee empty, so they decided to send a message of solidarity with the Black Live Matter movement during Pride Month, according to Dallas Theater Center board member Andy Smith.

David Taffet

Duct tape to the rescue. Slashed banner repaired.